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Kinetic ART
Experience the fascination of motion. Kinetic Emotions designs and custom-builds kinetic installations for the most exquisite interior environments. Combining the natural beauty of motion, the sensation of reflecting light and the sophistication of advanced engineering, these masterpieces of design elevate any interior space.

Easy to install on a wide variety of vertical surfaces and remotely controlled via a mobile application, our state-of -the art installations provide a fully customizable experience to suit any ambiance.
For ProfessionAls
We support the work of interior designers, architects, and other professionals to integrate KINETIC EMOTIONS installations into specific projects related to:
• exhibitions
• office spaces
• brand centers
• flagship stores
• museums
• restaurants
• hotels
• private homes
Please contact us with your requirements using our contact form. Thank you.
Software Features
KINETIC EMOTIONS installations are autonomous systems that are fully programmable and customizable. Customers can select and pre-program desired motion and display patterns via the system’s web interface or mobile application. It is easy to create playlists or to deliver third-party content such as text messages, time, temperature to the Kinetic Emotions installations.
There are various content sources that can deliver content to the KINETIC EMOTIONS artworks, such as text messages, real-time fed data, the time and many more.
person holding a mobile phone displaying the app
The kinetic installations burst to life with nearly unlimited choreographies and content – which can be customized and controlled via a web browser or a dedicated mobile app.
You are in control. With a user-friendly interface, the mobile app puts the entire range of motion and emotion at your fingertips. To initiate, change or stop the desired choreographies and even to create playlists is effortless.
Plan ahead. You can schedule specific desired choreographies or the display of specific messages to fit any special occasion. Ideal when entertaining guests.
Make a statement.
Using your mobile phone, you can send messages to be displayed at any time on any KINETIC EMOTIONS installation.
Show the time.
Using live data feeds, our kinetic installations can also be used to function as a real-time, state-of-the art clock.
Connect to the world.
Our installations allow for the display of internet generated real time data feeds including time, weather forecast, maritime forecast and more.
About US
The team of KINETIC EMOTIONS consists of designers, product engineers and software developers. We leverage our comprehensive experience in designing and manufacturing large-scale kinetic installations to develop outstanding products. Each Kinetic Design product is assembled in our own workshop, following strict quality-control and testing protocols.


Our installations follow a clean and elegant design language. This design approach translates into visually appealing installations with a high level of versatility and appeal suited for a wide variety of interior ambiances.

The choice of materials and surface characteristics influences the motion and light reflection properties of each installation. A perfectly synchronized two-axis movement of the individual reflective elements creates a fascinating and inexhaustible repertoire of visual sensations.

Flawless precision in the assembly of components and expert craftmanship are the basis for creating our unique products.


The flawless motion of individual elements and the synchronized interaction of all elements provide our kinetic masterpieces with their unique appeal. The movement of each individual tile is fully customizable and allows for and fantastic array of effects and motion patterns. The choreography of motion is controlled by an open standard software platform and can be controlled via our mobile application.

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a line-up of small motors


Each unit is tested extensively to ensure an outstanding reliability and a maintenance-free operation. All products meet all relevant technical and quality standards. We use only components of the highest quality, creating timeless pieces of art that are unique.
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